Institut supérieur des sciences agronomiques, agroalimentaires, horticoles et du paysage

JSTAR 2011
Agrocampus Ouest


Applied Mathematics Department of Agrocampus

20-21 october, 2011


Thurday, 20th of October, 2011 - Statistics for life sciences

9h30 - 10h30 Welcome
10h30 - 11h20 Catherine Matias
A context dependent pair hidden Markov model for statistical alignment of biological sequences (Abstract)
11h20 - 12h10 Etienne Roquain
Finding signal in high dimensional data with multiple testing (Abstract)
12h10 - 14h00 Lunch
14h00 - 14h50 Avner Bar Hen
Detection of spatial cluster using nearest neighbour distance (Abstract)
14h50 - 15h40 Carsten Wiuf
Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of DNA Sequence Data from Heterogeneous Tumors (Abstract)
15h40 - 16h10 Coffee break
16h10 - 17h00 Nicolas Molinari
Hospital choice modeling using spline functions (Abstract).
17h00 - 17h50 Christopher Barnes
Design and reverse engineering of natural and synthetic biological systems (Abstract)

Friday, 21st of October, 2011 - Statistics for environmental sciences

8h30 - 9h20 Maëlle Nodet
Introduction to data assimilation (Abstract)
9h20 - 10h10 Laurent Bertino
Data assimilation into high-dimensional ocean models: results from an EnKF reanalysis (Abstract)
10h10 - 10h30 Coffee break
10h30 - 11h20 Olivier Pannekoucke
Ensemble methods for variational data assimilation and forecasting (Abstract)
11h20 - 12h10 Marc Bocquet
Ensemble filtering in high-dimensional data assimilation (Abstract)
12h10 - 14h10 Lunch
14h10 - 15h00 Liliane Bel
Simulation-based optimal design for estimating weed density in agricultural fields (Abstract)
15h00 - 15h50 Florence Carpentier
Hierarchical Bayesian analysis of a metapopulation spatiotemporal dynamic. Application to oilseed rape feral populations (Abstract).
15h50 - 16h20 Coffee break
16h20 - 17h10 Mathieu Ribatet
Statistical Modelling of Spatial Extremes (Abstract).